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Unique Miniatures

Level-up your tabletop role-playing adventures with awesome miniatures.

Our wide range of miniatures contains everything you'll need during your adventures. Characters, NPC's, Villains and more.

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Characteristic Busts

Looking for a new challenge? Try painting a bust!

Our fun-sized busts are a great way to refresh your creative energy. A quick satisfying project before you go back to finishing your miniatures.

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Painting Supplies

We think that every miniature deserves some color!

Luckily, you will find everything here that you will need to give your miniatures a touch of personality. Paint, Brushes and more.

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High Quality

Unique models with sharp details and smooth finish.

3D Printed

Printed using high-end mSLA and FDM printers.

Premium Resin

Resione M58 for maximum durability and details.

Paint Ready

Carefully cleaned and cured, ready to be painted.

We thank our talented artists

What customers say about us

The minis are of superb quality and the cleaning of supports and the like was done extremely well. Practically no prep work is needed, which says a lot for 3D printed minis. The minis were also packaged really snug and nicely so none of the minis had any damage done to them while in transit. Will definitely recommend Empire of Minis to others!

Olli (Trustpilot)

Totally worth the cost. Order was executed swiftly, delivery was fast as well, and the minis quality is superb. It was my first order here but surely not the last!

Nicola (Trustpilot)

I ordered a batch of 7 custom miniatures and they are amazing! Throughout the process they have always supported and advised me. I am very satisfied with the service and result obtained.

Antonio (Trustpilot)

Really high quality, barely needed any cleanup before painting. Got a miss printed goblin for free and bases came separated from the minis which made basing easier. Was a real treat painting them up for an upcoming dnd game. Will probably order again in the future.

Carl-Michael (Trustpilot)

The service of these people is the best! Great communication and they went the extra mile to fullfill my specific requests regarding size of some of the miniatures I ordered. I even got a little surprise present and a small hickup with the order was swiftly taken care of. 10 out of 10!

Raymond (Trustpilot)

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