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Free shipping on orders above €75,- within the Netherlands or €100,- within the EU.
Free shipping on orders above €75,- within the Netherlands or €100,- within the EU.

Painting Service

Painting your miniatures can be a time consuming thing to do, it also requires a certain level of skill, especially if you want to paint an entire army or warband.

We can imagine that you're too busy with preparing for the next role-playing adventure and just want to have your miniatures professionally painted so that you can just put them on the table and play!

Let us introduce you to Forge Enclave! Forge Enclave is our partner that can help you with all your painting needs.


Who is Forge Enclave?

Forge Enclave by Geoffroy, is a professional miniature painting studio located in the Netherlands.

We first came into contact with Geoffroy when he commissioned a 3D printed bust of a Roboute Guilliman, primarch of the Ultramarines Legion. We did some prototypes and the final print was shipped to Forge Enclave, so that he could work his magic.

Ofcourse the end result is amazing, take a look.

The entire experience working with Forge Enclave was really pleasant so we decided to partner up. We can really recommend Forge Enclave if you would want to have some miniatures painted.

What can Forge Enclave provide?

Forge Enclave provides it's painting services in various tiers. The tier decides the level of detail that is added to the model with paint.

There are currently two tiers to choose from; Rookie and Veteran, each with their own price-range depending on the size and complexity of the miniature.

The Rookie tier is intended for getting your models table-ready. The Veteran tier is for getting your miniatures display-worthy.

For example, you can get your army of Goblins painted as table-ready so that they look cool in a group, besides they are on and off the table constantly, but you could get your Hero miniatures painted as display-worthy as you'll be looking at them a whole lot more. Let's be honest, it's just really cool to put your Hero on display even when you're not on an adventure.

More information about the level of detail and price-range can be found on the Forge Enclave website, you can find the link down below.

How do I commission this painting service?

We can arrange the entire thing for you. Here are the steps it will take:

  1. Let us know which miniatures you would like to have printed and painted.
  2. Fill in a form with some questions about the desired paintwork you would like to have done.
  3. We will contact Forge Enclave and get a quotation.
  4. We will share the costs of printing and painting with you for approval. (The costs will have to be paid in advance.)
  5. If you approve we'll start the printing process and ship the miniatures to Forge Enclave.
  6. We will then connect you with Forge Enclave so that you can get direct updates on your painting commission.
  7. When the painting work is done Forge Enclave will ship the miniatures to you directly.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy! :)

Please note that Empire of Minis will only arrange the painting commission if it is part of a printing order. If you would just like to have some of your miniatures painted then please contact Forge Enclave directly.

For specific questions about the painting commission we recommend contacting Forge Enclave directly.

- Empire of Minis does not take a fee on the painting commission, we simply pass through the costs of the painting commission (+VAT if applicable). -

So, what are you waiting for? Visit Forge Enclave by clicking here.