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Free shipping on orders above €75,- within the Netherlands or €100,- within the EU.
Free shipping on orders above €75,- within the Netherlands or €100,- within the EU.


Let us introduce you to some of the services that we provide.


3D Printing Service

We understand that not everyone has the means, desire or time to delve into 3D printing and that is why we would like to offer you our 3D Printing Service. With this service you can let us print the models you want, with your specifications.

Printing models that you've bought through one of the many online marketplaces, yes! Want a miniature from our store but then scaled-up or scaled-down, sure! Created your own custom miniature through HeroForge and want to get it printed, let's go!

Read all the details here.


Painting Service

Painting your miniatures can be a time consuming thing, it also requires a certain level of skill, especially if you want to paint an entire army or warband.

We can imagine that you're too busy with preparing for the next role-playing adventure and just want to have your miniatures professionally painted so that you can just put them on the table and play!

Let us introduce you to Forge Enclave! Forge Enclave is our partner that can help you with all your painting needs.

Interested? Read more about Forge Enclave here.


Gift Cards

Spread the joy without having to guess which miniatures or busts they would like to have!

Gift cards are great when you know that the person loves miniatures but you're not quite sure which kind of miniatures they like and you don't want to ruin the surprise by asking what miniature they would want.

Order your gift card here.