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Free shipping on orders above €75,- within the Netherlands or €100,- within the EU.
Free shipping on orders above €75,- within the Netherlands or €100,- within the EU.

Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is not answered below, please contact us.

Questions about Products

How does the 'Scale' work?
The model scale for tabletop miniatures indicates the distance from the ground to the eye level of an average human. There are two standards for tabletop play: 28mm and 32mm scale. Both D&D and Warhammer traditionally used 28mm scale. However, Warhammer has now moved to using 32mm scale while many D&D players also use the larger scale models.

It doesn't really matter which scale you choose but you should aim to keep the scale of your miniatures consistent so that they don't look poorly proportioned in relation to one another.

The artists that we work with usually create models on either scale. Which we up- or downscale to be able to provide you with the scale that matches with the ones that you might already have.

Some of our models are also available in 54mm or 75mm scale. These are not just upscaled models but are HD versions of the model. Not all models are available at this larger scale but would you wish to have one the models on the website printed in that scale, then please contact us.

Is it possible to get a model with different specifications, such as size, scale, color, layer height, etc?
Yes. Contact us to discuss the options.

Questions about 3D printing

What is the processing time of a 3D print?
The processing time of models that have to be printed are 5 to 7 days. This means that if a model has to be printed, it takes longer than if we have a model in stock.

About 90% of orders are shipped within 1 to 5 days. If an order is delayed, we will always contact you.

Read more about our production process.

What layer height are the models printed with?
We print with a layer height of 40 μm, which is 0.04 mm per layer.

We have tested many layer heights and in our opinion this height is the best in terms of trade-off between quality and efficiency.

If you would like to have a model printed with a smaller layer height, please contact us.

Read more about our manufactoring process.

What do the terms 'hollow' and 'solid' mean on the product page? What is the difference?

A 3D print can be printed solid or hollow. Solid means that the inside of the print is completely filled. Hollow means that the print contains an empty space that is reinforced with a grid during printing.

Solid printed models are heavier, sturdier and therefore also feel like a quality product. Hollow-printed models are lighter and cheaper because they don't use as much resin.

Larger models are mainly printed hollow because they would otherwise become extremely expensive and therefore no longer attractive to customers.

If you want a solid printed model that we don't offer solid as standard, please contact us.

Read more about our manufactoring process.

What material is used for 3D prints?
We use Resione M58, this is a Premium Resin that is mainly used for printing miniatures. This resin is stronger and more flexible than other resins which makes it ideal for printing miniatures that are often picked up.

Although we use a premium resin, resin is still inherently brittle, ie it breaks rather than bends. It cannot be compared with, for example, the plastic that is used for the Warhammer miniatures. Handle the 3D prints with care, a fall can break them.

If your 3D print requires other properties, flexible or strong, we can discuss the options. Contact us.

Read more about our manufactoring process.

Is it possible to have my own model printed?
Yes that is possible. Read more about our 3D Printing Service here.

What do you do with prints that contain errors?
Models that contain printing errors are not sold because then we get dissatisfied customers. Throwing it away is a shame, instead we send it as an extra in one of the orders.

Questions about shipping

How are items shipped?
We work with DHL and PostNL and select the most suitable carrier depending on the package.

Read more about our shipping policy.

How are items packaged?

We package items in different ways depending on size and weight.

Models are always boxed and shipped, this is done to ensure that the chance of damage is minimized.

Other items, such as a set of dice, will be sent by letter mail in a bubble envelope whenever possible. This keeps the shipping costs low.

Read more about our shipping policy.

What packaging materials do we use?

We use recycled packaging materials. For example, we reuse boxes and packaging material that we receive from our suppliers but this could also be old newspapers as filling material.

We will always try to use the most eco materials possible. For example, our packing tape is made of 100% recycled plastic and we're looking to switch to paper tape in the near future.

We do this to do our part to reduce the burden on the environment.

Customer Service Questions

There is something wrong with my order.
We would like to solve that for you! It's best for you to contact us and we'll make sure it gets resolved.

It would be nice if you give a clear description of the problem in your initial message, the faster we will be at a solution.

How can I return my order?
For an explanation about returning an order, take a look at our return policy. It describes what you have to do.

I entered the wrong address with my order.
It is important that you contact us as soon as possible so that we can correct the error before the order is shipped.