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Eternal Fields

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Eternal Fields is Krautcover Scenics' toxic contamination themed basecover mix, perfect for basing and terrain building.

With the Eternal Fields Basecover, you can represent ancient powers, awaken the eerie undead or build radioactively contaminated areas as terrain.

Krautcover Scenics pre-mixed basing materials are the basing solution for creating quick, high-quality bases for your models. Whether it's just a small warband or a huge army, their basing mixes create fantastic and natural-looking bases in a short amount of time!

Simply apply the glue, then sprinkle the material on or press the base into the mix and you'll have a natural and varied textured base. It's as simple as it sounds!

Available in a wide range of themes, each of our basing mixes are hand-mixed from a series of finely balanced components. Packaged in convenient, resealable plastic containers for ease of use without the mess.

FX Basecover
With our innovative FX Basecover mixes you can make your bases glow. The colored components in the mix can be excited with daylight or even more intensively with UV light and then produce a colorful glow.

Contains 140 ml of themed basing material mix.