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Kraut-Tac - Terrain and Basing Glue

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Kraut-Tac - Terrain and Basing Glue is a fast drying extremely strong hobby glue with high initial tack.

The highly flexible adhesive film remains permanently tacky even after drying and can later be set with clear varnish or diluted PVA glue. It is the first choice when it comes to fixing our base covers to your bases, but is also versatile for all your crafting projects. From making your own rollable playmats, to assembling MDF terrain to grassing or tufting, Kraut-Tac holds everything in place without flaking or crumbling.

Allowing small drops of Kraut-Tac to dry on a sheet of plastic makes a very versatile adhesive dough, with which you can temporarily fix parts to minis, or create self-adhesive holders for painting your figures.


  • 1 x Krautcover Scenics: Kraut-Tac (240ml)