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Mini-Dungeon Tome II

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Exactly 141 adventures for DND 5e!

The massive Mini-Dungeon Tome II, here to make your job as a GM easier, is ready to rock for your gaming table!

Mini-Dungeons are setting-agnostic adventures that span two pages per adventure and are designed specifically so you can run them little or no preparation.

With a new and improved layout, detailed indexes organizing adventures by terrain and level, an index of monsters used, and diverse arrays of challenges, ranging from roleplaying-focused scenarious to tactical mini-games and encounters, the Mini-Dungeon Tome II is sure to deliver.

In it you will:

  • Explore a lost temple in a fungal jungle in Grant Simpson's Forgotten Dark Dealings
  • Deal with the fallout of the fabled giant beanstalk's collapse in David Schwartz's The Bean Legacy
  • An undying, sports-obsessed pharoah challenges you to a game in Joshua Hennington's Coffin Ball
  • Halt the advance of a beast-man army in William Fischer's Chaos at the Gates
  • Explore a dread complex where, literally, the Floor is Spiders, courtesy of Claire Stricklin
  • Stop the dreaded rites of the Deep Ones in Tony Ohrazda's Deep Ones' Doom

... and so much more!

From the classic to unconventional, from the underworld to space: Make your game more awesome, with AAW Games' Mini-Dungeon Tome II!


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