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Mixing Balls

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Get the right consistency from the beginning with The Army Painter Mixing Balls.

The Army Painter paints are heavily pigmented for the best possible coverage for your models and miniatures. But as pigment tends to sink to the bottom, most hobby paints tend to separate over time. But worry not! We’ve got the solution.

Simply add two of our 5.5 mm stainless steel high-grade Mixing Balls into your paint bottle and give it a good shake for 30 seconds. The Mixing Balls help agitate the paint and blend these components back together, ensuring a perfect consistency for application so that your brushwork remains smooth and precise throughout your project.

Heavy pigment, old paint or a combination thereof can create clumps or lumps in your paint which can ruin the smoothness of your paint job. Mixing balls (which are also sometimes called stirring balls, paint mixing balls, or agitator balls) help break up any clumps or solidified paint particles, making it easier to work with and reducing the likelihood of unwanted textures on your models.

Using the paint mixing balls is a practical and cheap tool for hobbyists who want to maintain the quality and consistency of their paints. This is essential for achieving high-quality results when painting models and miniature figures. Our Mixing Balls are made of rustproof stainless steel and will not discolour your paint.

Remember to use two Mixing Balls in your paint bottle. By using two, your Mixing Balls will move in a more randomised way and thus make the shaking more efficient and effective.

Contents: 100x Mixing Balls