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Tweezers Set

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Tweezers are incredibly useful and handy tools when assembling and painting models and miniature figures. With a set of tweezers, you can enhance precision, control, and safety while minimizing the risk of errors and contamination. The Army Painter’s Tweezers Set is an excellent set with two tweezers (one craft tweezer and one fine point tweezer) that are indispensable for any hobbyist.


Miniature figures and model parts are often tiny, delicate, and difficult to handle with just your fingers. But the tweezers allow you to grab, grip, place, remove or hold items that are too small or delicate for your fingers. With the tweezers, you can handle the small components in a precise and controlled way and reduce the risk of damaging or losing them during assembly.


The Tweezers Set includes two tweezers: one flat-tip tweezer and one pointy-tip tweezer.

The pointy-tip tweezer is ideal for intricate and delicate work, when applying decals, or positioning fine details like tiny accessories. This type of tweezer is your go-to when picking up tiny parts, doing micro-adjustments, and placing small accessories with accuracy and control as the slender, pointed tips offer a finer and more precise gripping point.

The flat-tip tweezer can be used to hold larger parts and position components. The broad, flat tip has a wider and more solid gripping surface and is useful for tasks that require a more stable grip (e.g., holding and positioning larger, flatter components, such as model bases, walls, or vehicle parts and steady placement of structural components during assembly, ensuring stability and alignment).


Combining a flat tip and a pointy tip tweezer in your toolkit gives you the flexibility to handle a broader range of tasks efficiently. This tweezer-duo ensures you can effectively manage both your models’ larger, more structural elements and the finer, detail-oriented aspects, resulting in well-crafted and professionally finished miniatures and models.


Whether you’re an experienced model-maker or just starting your creative journey, The Army Painter’s Tweezer Set is a great addition to your toolkit.

Our Tweezer Set isn’t limited to miniature figure assembly alone. It’s equally adept at assisting in jewellery crafting, electronics work, or any hobby where precision handling is essential. Its ergonomic design ensures comfort and control in various tasks, allowing you to explore new horizons in your crafting journey.