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Warpaints Fanatic: Deep Azure

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Designed to deliver unsurpassed coverage while being incredibly easy-to-use, featuring intense pigmentation, and in a Flexible Colour Triad system – Warpaints Fanatic are the new gold standard for miniature paints.

  • 18 ml spill-free dropper bottle
  • Preloaded with 2 steel Mixing Balls



Warpaints Fanatic offers unparalleled coverage, intense pigmentation, and smooth application while being incredibly easy to use. Each paint is individually tuned to maximize coverage and ensure a consistent brush feel. The pigment-rich paint can be thinned to extreme levels for advanced techniques or applied directly over a miniature for effortless coverage while retaining pigment dispersion.

  • Perfect for painters of all skill levels.
  • Features 300-700% more pigmentation than other paints.
  • High-performance range of premium acrylic paints.
  • Unparalleled uniformity and coverage across all colours.


With the Flexible colour Triad System, it is easier to select and create harmonious and visually appealing colour schemes for your miniatures. There are 27 triad systems and inside each Flexible Triad-segment you'll find six paints that range in tone from dark to light with a consistent hue.

This makes it easier to select colours and colour schemes that coordinate effectively.


We love the fantasy and sci-fi worlds that we live to play in. However, creative and abstract names for colours are not always that intuitive - and at The Army Painter, we want to make it easy for everyone to find the perfect paint colour for your next project.

That is why all paints will feature a secondary practical description (based on the ISCC-NBS System of colour Designation) to make paint choice easier and more accessible.

For example, Imperial Navy is a Very Deep Blue and Molten Lava is a Strong Reddish Orange.


The 18 ml fully recyclable no-spill dropper bottles have our innovative dropper cap system which allows you to dispense the exact amount of paint you need. The ergonomic design prevents wastage and ensures your paints don't dry out.Warpaints Fanatic comes with a new transparent design that makes for an improved colour selection experience. The twisting caps come in four colours:

  • White cap = Acrylics
  • Red cap = Washes
  • Green cap = Effects
  • Black cap = Metallics

Each bottle comes pre-loaded with two high-grade stainless steel Mixing Balls, so you always have perfectly blended paint available.